About Taong Boondocks

About Taong Boondocks
Taong Boondocks is a blog for my non-space musings, complementary to my other Selenian Boondocks blog, which focuses primarily on technology, space technology, space business, and space policy related topics. Basically this blog is a chance for me to discuss other topic areas that are important to me (family, religion, politics, economics, personal projects, etc.) with less concern about diluting the message of Selenian Boondocks.

As is discussed in the first blog post here, the name Taong Boondocks is an Americanization of the Filipino word for Mountain Man (Taong Bundok). Partially because I want to discuss some of the topics such as religion that are considered inappropriate for polite conversation, partially to follow the naming theme I used for Selenian Boondocks, and partially because I like using the one word that American English has borrowed from Tagalog.

About The Proprietor
There are several Jonathan Goff’s on the internet. I’m not the football player or the condensed matter physicist, though I’d love to meet them at some point. I’m Jonathan Andrew Goff, a space entrepreneur that runs a space robotics and space transportation technologies startup, Altius Space Machines. I was born in Michigan in August of 1980, graduated from BYU with a BS in Manufacturing Engineering in 1999, served a two-year proselytizing mission in the Philipppines from 2000-2002 for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, completed a MS in Mechanical Engineering from BYU in 2007, and helped David Masten start Masten Space Systems in 2004. In August 2003, I was married to Tiffany Kaye Cragun, and as of February 2014 we have four boys: Jarom (deceased), Jonathan (9yrs old), James (7yrs old), and Peter Yuri (almost 5yrs old), with another on the way, due in June 2014.

In addition to being a fan of space technology and space entrepreneurship, I also enjoy cooking, singing tenor, inventing manufacturing processes, reading sci-fi, fantasy, and classical literature, I used to be an avid sci-fi role-playing gamer, and I like arguing with people on the internet (not all of my hobbies have to be useful). I’m also an active member of the LDS church, a “minarchist” libertarian, and somewhat of an anti-war peacenik.

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